Comprehensive Eye Exams | Eye Exam near me in Irvine, California

Along with checking your vision, the comprehensive eye exam includes checking the complete health of the eye using the latest equipment. Refraction is done with a digital automated phoropter.

Glaucoma Screening РWe check your eye pressures using the latest iCare digital tonometer (no eye drops or air puffs!). We are also equipped with the Oculus Easyfield. This test evaluates your peripheral vision. If you have high intraocular pressure, headaches, flashes or floaters, medications that may affect the eyes, or personal/family history of glaucoma then you should have this test done.

Digital Retinal Imaging – This test takes a photo and an ultrasound image of the retina inside your eyes. The doctor recommends that every patient does this as a baseline, even if your eyes are presumed healthy. A retinal exam is recommended at least once every year.

Dilation – This is recommended for patients who have a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune disease, cancer or are highly nearsighted.

Dry Eye Evaluation: We use the Topcon CA 800 to do meibography, which is doing a scan of your oil glands in your eyelids to help diagnose dry eye. We can also record tear break up time and analyze the severity of your dry eye. We perform procedures to help improve dryness: miboflo to warm up and break down blocked up oils in your glands, and punctal plugs.

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